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Queen of the Universe

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Watch this space! [May. 12th, 2012|12:00 am]
Queen of the Universe

Well wishes [Dec. 31st, 2010|10:30 am]
Queen of the Universe
I hope everyone had a good 2010.
If you didn't, I hope your 2011 looks up.
If you did, I hope your 2011 gets even better.

Make resolutions.
And then eat them.

Looking back at 2010, I have
1) convinced myself to get over someone
2) found someone else to help me get over that someone mentioned in 1)
3) ended it rather tragically with the former mentioned in 2)

I was almost engaged, but that didn't happen.
But now I am back to being pseudo-engaged.

The Hippie Life came to an end.
I contradicted myself in every way and joined The Big G.

I got myself an iPhone.
I am trusted by the law to operate a vehicle on my own.
I found wonderful friendship with GIRLS (shout out to Nadai, Farnamals, Nani Nano and Liz from #MKNBC. I VERY LOVE YOU GAISE!).

Goodbye 2010, thank you for the memories.
2011, BRING IT ON.

Happy New Year everyone.

Queen Of The Universe
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Little things [Dec. 22nd, 2010|10:52 am]
Queen of the Universe

The view from ITB's 17 storey office is quite nice. I was up there a couple of times and I liked it.

It's just another day at work, in life. Really.

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Sleep heals [Dec. 22nd, 2010|07:37 am]
Queen of the Universe

Like I always believe, sleep heals. "Are you depressed?" is always answered with, "Need sleep."

That's right, combat stress and depression with sleep. Cheap medication, maybe. Denial process, perhaps.

Well I can't wait for today to end. I'm headed straight to bed.

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Macam nak nangis pun ada [Dec. 22nd, 2010|02:35 am]
Queen of the Universe

Wrapping up a few hours of being on the phone, in tears. I am nowhere nearer to my dream and a year had passed. It's been eventful alright, but nothing contributed to reaching that life goal. Which, sad to say, has an expiry dates. It draws near, but I'm telling Desperation to call back later.

I am back at the starting point. It's like taking 3 steps forward and then taking 2.5 back. I am in tears only because everything is spinning out of control, again, and I hate that. I feel like a freak, for not being able to get such a simple thing done.

Sleep. The next best medication if you can't have laughter.

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Like trolling me? Here's my finger. [Dec. 21st, 2010|10:15 am]
Queen of the Universe

Kitty says I'm okay when I'm not bitchy but how do I explain that people step all over you when you are so nice.

It's all about choice too. If you wanna troll, go ahead bro, but I won't sit by and let you get away with it without (at least an attempt at) biting you back. I don't have to win but I don't think you should get away with free trolling.

This is SG bro, everything's taxable.

Like I said, choice. Shut up if you don't concur with my views. I don't feel yours sometimes but that's life, click on and get amused with something else.

I didn't mention any names, but so far bro, it's 2 strikes. Uh yes, I'm counting.

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Tak sampai last christmas to give you my heart pun [Dec. 16th, 2010|09:26 am]
Queen of the Universe

It is 9 days to the day AcaiBerry and I had planned to get engaged.

I am not all that entirely devoid of feelings, I do feel a bit sad for the loss but come onnnnn I am Iron Woman, I use this damsel in distress situation to propell myself towards a stronger path of progression towards achieving a higher level of Women Independance.

Lulz. That sounds just like an answer I would provide in the reading assignment I'm doing right now. Pulling bullshit right out of my arse and using fancy words to make it sound serious and factual.

Maybe I should throw a party. Bring Your Own Chilli Sauce?

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Woof [Dec. 15th, 2010|01:32 am]
Queen of the Universe
I'm a 2 day old dog but I think I just got a taste of more to come.

See, today the IT guy set up my email for me. Which is on Lotus Notes btw. Technology from 1939 I think. Lotus Notes suck balls. Big huge balls. Fucking blue balls. I am not kidding. IBM isn't even around anymore, why didn't LN just die with it?

Anyways. I had to prompt the IT guy to load my ID because he was kinda stuck at setting that shit up for me. Here's where I tell you that there are 2 kind of men I probably won't date EVER AGAIN.

1) The salesmen
2) The IT guys

Why, you ask me. This is not the time to go through this shit.

So. After my email is all set up, I realise the idiot didn't load my signature. He did the first round, but then he re-did the process and forgot my signature the second round. SO I HAD TO GOOGLE THAT SHIT UP AND DO I ALL BY MYSELF. Including the part where I figure out how standard signatures are supposed to look like and why the fuck did stupid LN automatically double space everything.

I work for a large organisation now, with an IT department and all that jazz, and I still have to figure shit like that out myself? 2 things.

1) I am anal and OCD

But here comes the good part. The part of the story that is part of the reason I am losing sleep.

I am required to sign off with my full name, prefixed with salutation. And I chose to be a Ms. I had to fill in a form to send to the department that would update the staff directory with my details, and I needed some help with some details on that form so I sent it to my colleague, asking her for some help.


What the fuck is this shit! I am so pissed at these clerks. Just because THEY need approval for all emails THEY send, doesn't mean that I DO!! Now, you may think I sound all high and mighty, but my manager and assistant manager have already told me that I am hired on a grade where I don't need approvals on shit like these, whilst my colleagues do, because technically they are clerks and I am an executive, so this is embarrassing, really.

Also. These idiot auntie monsters of such SQUARE people, they keep INSISTING that I am to go by the salutation of Miss instead of my preferred Ms. They even changed the form for me, the one they forwarded to my Asst Manger for 'approval'.

Now, I absolutely DETEST being a Miss.

Because in Mr Panache's words (Farnamals smart friend hahaha inside joke here), I think I am a 'shrewed AWARE feminist'. LOL.

So. Along with Lotus Notes, the people working with me also come from the year 1939. Yes! Where they still call each other Mdm Tan and Mrs Foong when they pass by each other in the canteen and say hi.

Seriously. Full of shit. And when I insist to go by Ms, they argue with me that I am a Miss because I am not married. Come ON. PLEASE. Why do women still want to allow people to know their marital status based on their salutation? WHY!

Not proud of being unmarried, really. So can you say I'm feminist?

I am going to sort this shit out tomorrow. The entire organisation is not going to know my marital status based on my salutation. It's SO HARD being a dog, really. Feels like I'm living a Batman kindof life. So kental in the day, discussing idiotic things like how standing close to a microwave can give you cancer (WTF?!?) and back to normal cool self at night and weekends.

I am so glad for my iPhong, which keeps me sane because at least I am still in touch with real non square people out there in the capitalist world.

Srsly man. The position is all great and shit, but the double life is kinda hard to keep.
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*burrrrrrp* [Dec. 11th, 2010|12:09 am]
Queen of the Universe
Just back from dinner with Chucky and we ended up at Bt Timah's Mad Jacks. Well we were at Seletar's Sunset but it rained and we couldn't get a smoking table so we siam from there and tried our luck at Dempsey. No parking so fuck that shit, I said let's go to Mad Jacks. Bt Timah's Mad Jacks is seriously the only Mad Jacks that can make it, really.

Didn't have a good experience with the one at Jalan Kayu. Totally HATE the one at Simpang. And I don't know why, perhaps because Chucky's really cute and all or what, but the manager of Mad Jacks Bt Timah gave us a corporate member card where we get 25% off our next bill and 10% off following visits. Well that's great! I like it there anyway, because there was no fight for the smoking table and today was Fri night!

But I did something very weird. I ordered a mock steak. HAHAHA. Tasted nothing like steak. Maybe looked a bit like steak. Texture was a little bit like steak. But hohoho how weird is that, eating something that was not meat. I liked it. Was different. I drank 2 glasses of smoothies. Banana and Banana/Strawberry. Chucky has pasta and some shrimp toast thing.

Earlier at lunch, I had Burger King's Loaded Steakhouse Burger. It was good! Extremely filling, really. I'm not sure when and why, but these days I am quite a fan of burgers. Must be since I quit chicken. Uh yes quitting chicken AGAIN because I heard that the chicken crossed the road to escape from evil people like me who eat them, but then get road killed. HAH? WHAT? NONSENSE LA RIGHT. Yes right. I was kidding. Quit chicken because chicken have too much growth serum in them and it's bad for me. YES AGAIN, NONSENSE. STOP READING THIS SHIT.

So now I'm all dead full and stuff. I will fold the rest of my laundry and.. go to bed. YES I am going to bed. Like the old lady I am. Go to bed early. Wait. Early ke haprak, it's midnight already. Tomorrow I'm going to convince my sister to buy a pull out bed, or a new bed, because I want to make more space in our room so I can do yoga and pilates. RIGHT. Yoga and pilates my foot. Just want more space in the room la, what's wrong with that.

Right. Not in my writing element tonight. I've got a massive headache. Good night good people of the internet world.
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Not too sure how many clicks I covered! [Dec. 8th, 2010|01:48 pm]
Queen of the Universe
Midweek Wednesday. And I am still recuperating from the mad-ass weekend I had. I spent a total of $70 in petrol, just driving all over Singapore, doing things I needed to do to catch up with my driver friends. HAHAHA. The best must have been driving The Gap, with R in the passenger seat, constantly giving confusing signs with his hands, not that I could see, because hello, it's DARK, and telling me in half panicked balls-in-throat tone that I'm too close to the curb.

Hurhur accidental payback for all the times I sat in the passenger seat and him doing his racer moves. R not only for Rockstar okay, R for Racer. LOL.

I've covered East (Tampines/Bedok/Pasir Ris/Changi), West (Clementi, CCK, Bt Panjang), North (Yishun/Woodlands), South (Telok Blangah/Keppel) and Central (Orchard/River Valley). I've gotten a taste of assholes who speed up once you signal your intention to change lanes, I have been charged cut throat prices for parking (airport!), I have lost my way a few times by taking a wrong turn/exit and I have encountered idiot pedestrians who cross carparks like it's a park with lush greenery and beautiful flowers for all to admire.

I also got a fine.
Not for anything traffic or parking charges related, but for littering. From the drivers seat, where I was parked and taking a smoke. Flicked my cigg butt and there, out of NOWHERE, some aci rempah woman for NParks appeared and demanded me for my IC.

I consider doing a so-mode-ti-be on that woman and her equally erm, lame mat partner, for working such a nasty job, issuing summons to people.

What a weekend it was!

I slept very little, to make use of every bit I spent on the car. Which I absolutely LOVED. It was a Honda Fit, good machine it was, just messed me up a bit when I needed to park because I guess I wasn't used to the whole hatchback thing. Driving Abang or Iqa's car was easier because it was smoother (bigger engine capacity duhhhh) and was a sedan. Driving my Dad's was totally stressful because it was such a long car. But the Fit, I was in love. Though again, R kept having to remind me that going under 60km/h on the expressways was considered road hogging.

I am a very happy camper. Also a thankful one because I didn't get into any mishaps, like accidents or anything like that.

And so, a Car Fund has been set up. I want to buy my own. Nevermind the crazy amount of money involved in that. I can stop eating for all I care (which I should, really) coz I really really really don't want to take public transport anymore.

Also, I have bumped into a GAZILLION amount of cute guys at petrol kiosks and I know they didn't walk there. Fine place to cuci mata really these petrol kiosks. And they are right, view from the driver's seat definitely looks different. When I'm driving, and when I'm getting out of the car HEHEHEHEHE.

Oh but the alarm thingy for the car drives me crazy. I have no idea how the shit works and it keeps going off on me, making me look like a typical bimbotic lady driver. HAHAHAHA. Not complaining. It ups the cute factor I guess.
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